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Posted By Rehan Siddique 10/14/2019 9:19:15 AM
Found In Community: Future Fellows Blogs
Exam season is almost upon us. Set down your calculator, take a deep breath, and check out a few tips that will help you get through this stressful time. Pre-Exam Get good sleep multiple nights before exam: We tend to think that just getting a full night of sleep the night before the exam ...
Posted By Rehan Siddique 5/1/2019 11:05:48 AM
Found In Community: Future Fellows Blogs
Every so often, I’ll see a discussion pop up on Actuarial Outpost or Reddit about what other designations actuaries can get or other industries actuaries work in and I am always curious to see the responses. I imagine that most of the people posing these questions are younger candidates still trying ...