Taking Advantage of Your CAS Academic Central Benefits!

By Tamar Gertner posted 04-07-2021 17:49

Are you taking advantage of your membership benefits available through CAS Academic Central? Here is a quick refresher on the various benefits available to you as valued members of our community!

  • Free Registration to CAS Conferences

    • Through your Academic Central membership, the CAS offers complimentary attendance at up to three conferences annually! With CAS meetings and seminars taking place virtually, attending an event has never been easier. Check out the CAS Calendar of Events for upcoming opportunities. The CAS hosts its Spring and Annual Meetings in May and November, and hosts various seminars including the Ratemaking, Product, and Modeling Seminar in March, the Seminar on Reinsurance in June, and the Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar in September. These events offer great opportunities to network with professionals in the P&C field and get up to speed on the latest industry updates to bring back with you to campus.

  • Complimentary Webinars

    • Looking for bite sized opportunities to gain continuing education credits? The CAS offers a variety of interesting and educational topics each month through webinars available to Academic Central members at no cost!
  • CAS P&C Classroom Resources

    • Thanks to the dedicated volunteers who participate on the CAS University Engagement Committee, we have a variety of classroom resources developed for academics to incorporate property and casualty actuarial topics into your classrooms. These include CAS Case Studies, Case Competition Toolkits, a Curriculum Guide, and a variety of materials found in the P&C Resource Library. Detailed descriptions and links are available below:

1. CAS Case Studies:
Developed by professors and industry professionals, and recently refreshed in 2020, these case studies contain facilitator’s guides outlining the case study descriptions, learning objectives, and pre-requisite knowledge for each case, along with classroom presentations, homework and workbooks.

2. CAS Case Competition Toolkits: The University Engagement Committee has released five case competition toolkits that provide guidance and materials for universities to run their own case competitions on campus! In addition to providing all the components necessary to run a case competition, you can request assistance from the CAS in identifying volunteer judges and/or sponsorship funding!

    3. P&C Resource Library: The library is organized around a set of three sample syllabi and a menu of supporting resources. Professors can use the materials found within the library to develop or enhance a course on property and casualty actuarial techniques at the university level. The materials can also be used to incorporate property and casualty concepts into a broader course.

    4. CAS Curriculum Guide: This guide has been developed to help students and faculty build a stronger understanding of the academic strengths, technical tools and personal skills successful actuaries possess. Students can use the guide to identify experiences to seek out while in college to help them prepare for a future career as an actuary, specifically as they embark on the path to earning actuarial credentials through the Casualty Actuarial Society.

    • CAS University Liaison Program
      • Support for Earning CAS Credentials
        • CAS Examination Study Kits are available upon request
        • Reimbursement for CAS Exams Passed, CAS Online Courses, and the Course on Professionalism
        • Grant awarded to university upon academic’s designation ($5,000 Associateship, $7,500 Fellowship)


        Let us know which CAS Academic Central Program benefits are the most meaningful to you by commenting below!