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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, mouse over MY PROFILE in the navigation bar and select Edit My Information from the drop-down menu. From there, you will be able to edit various parts of your profile by clicking on Edit in the corresponding sections.

You can also mouse over My Options and select My Profile to view your profile. To edit your profile from that page, click on Edit Profile in the toolbar on the left.

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How do I change my subscription settings?

From My Options at the top, select My Subscriptions. Please note that subscriptions are required in certain communities. You cannot unsubscribe from required subscriptions, but you can change the frequency of e-mail notifications.

Subscriptions that you can delete are shown with an x icon next to the edit icon. Simply click the x to unsubscribe.

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How do I subscribe or post to a discussion thread?

Subscribing to a thread

To subscribe, navigate to the community where the discussion forum lives. From the landing page, on the right side of the header, click on the "Forums" button. Then, select the desired forum. Once on the forum page, click on the envelope icon to subscribe and select your subscription type.

Posting to a thread

To post to a discussion thread, navigate to the community in which you would like to post. On the community homepage, click on the Forums button in the header and select a forum. From there, you have three options:

  1. Write a Quick Post: In the text field at the top, type your message and click Post. You will be given the option to open the advanced editor or just go ahead and post what you typed. If you just post, whatever you typed in the text field will be both the subject of the thread as well as the content of your post. Therefore, the quick post option is best suited for short posts that you'd like to share.
  2. Add a Thread: The speech bubble in the toolbar on the left will open up the advanced editor to create your message. You will be able to format your post, upload attachments, and preview your post. You will also have the option to prevent e-mail notifications from being sent to the community members (yourself included).
  3. Contribute to an Existing Discussion Thread: Click on any one of the existing discussion threads to reply using the advanced editor.

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How do I upload files?

On the community homepage, click on the Files button to view the file libraries available in your community. Similar to posting in a discussion forum, select the file library to which you would like to add a file. Once in the correct file library, either:

  1. Type the name of your file in the text box labeled "Title" and click the button on the right to select a file to update.


  2. Click the file icon under the file library header to be taken to the advanced file upload page. Fill out all required fields and click OK.

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If you did not find an answer to your question on the Online Help page, or if you are experiencing issues with the online community, e-mail Sophie Uy, CAS IT and Online Services Coordinator, at