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What Not to Wear: New Security Procedures at Prometric Testing Centers

I know you love that sparkly hairclip / handsome watch / delicate necklace, but as of October 15, 2016, Prometric wants you to leave it at home (or in your locker).  In fact, you can’t wear any jewelry other than a wedding/engagement ring into the testing room.  And jewelry is a broader category than you might think; the list of what not to wear includes everything from ornate headbands to cufflinks!

I asked Prometric about body jewelry such as nose rings and tongue piercings, which can heal closed if you leave the ring/barbell out too long.  I was told these items would have to be removed.  If you are concerned about your piercing closing, I recommend wearing a CLEAR retainer so no one can accuse you of concealing a camera in it, but there's no guarantee they won't make you take that out, too.

Also note that medical alert bracelets are on the pre-approved testing accommodations list, so these should be an exception to the new security rules.

In addition to prohibiting jewelry and hair accessories from entering the testing room, several other items will be subject to higher scrutiny.  All eyeglasses must be removed for “close visual inspection” before entering the testing room.  Even your tie is suspect! 

For more details see the CAS announcement and Prometric’s Test Center Security page.

We want to know what you think about the enhanced security surrounding CBT.  Will it be enough to stop high-tech cheaters?  Is it worth the extra wait time to check into the testing room?  Have you been to a Prometric test center since the new procedures were implemented?  Tell us about your experience!

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