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A Focus on Syllabus Changes

Even if you've only been taking CAS exams for a couple years, you've probably noticed that there are frequent announcements of changes to the syllabus.  The responsibilities of the Syllabus & Examination Committee (S&EC) include looking for quality materials to support the educational goals of the examination process.  Over time, readings may be updated, or new learning objectives may be reflected in the syllabus content. 

As a candidate, it is critical to check the CAS website to make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of the syllabus.  Even though I am already an FCAS, I also like to take time to periodically review the syllabus.  I find it can help me keep in touch with what recent entrants to the profession are learning.   

When I read the Fall 2016 syllabus change announcement from January of this year (, two themes stood out to me:

  1. Changes to Generalized Linear Modeling readings on both Exam S and Exam 8. (Did you notice that Dan Tevet, chair of the Candidate Liaison Committee, is also a co-author of the new GLM Monograph?  Just more evidence of the dedication for which he was recognized with a New Member award in 2015!)
  2. New readings on Exam 6 US covering two more recent topics of insurance regulation: Price Optimization and Usage-Based Insurance.

I asked Jason Russ, Assistant Chair S&EC, to comment on how the CAS decides what readings to change in the syllabus.  He stated, “The S&EC has a team of over 40 volunteers who review the syllabus, each specializing in a particular exam.  As part of their continuous review, they consider the existing study material, modify the topics to be included on the exam to reflect changes in our profession, and research new material for possible inclusion.”

As a current candidate, do you have feedback on changes to the syllabus or on any of the new readings?  Are there things you think the CAS should include in the syllabus?  Are there readings you feel are out-of-date? 

Feel free to comment on this blog post to continue the discussion.

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GLMs on Exam S

September 9, 2016 09:29 AM by Edgar D Pal

I'm glad that GLMs are now on the syllabus for Exam S! As a modeler, I believe in the importance of teaching statistical methods to our actuarial students.

Unfortunately, I'm further advanced in my career to have taken Exam 3L, instead of LC, ST, or S! If only I could take Exam S to gain that additional knowledge...

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