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Getting the Most Out of the Future Fellows Online Community

The CAS is proud of the community it fosters through networking events like Regional Affiliate meetings. But with time out of the office at a premium, the CAS is looking at other ways to facilitate networking, such as this online community for Future Fellows.

The CAS Online Community, a private social network, will allow you interact with CAS members, candidates, and others with an interest in the CAS. You can search for others in P/C actuarial roles, participate in online discussions, and update your own page with pictures and information about yourself. You can make connections with others to stay in touch, or just follow someone you find interesting to stay informed on their activities in the Online Community. Learn more below!

Setting Up Your My Page

My Page is the information that will be shared with others in the Online Community. This is where the contact information you have designated as publishable will display. Update your profile by adding a picture and provide more information about yourself. You can also add custom widgets to your page, such as your LinkedIn Profile, Tweeter feeds, pictures from Flickr or Picasa, and more.

Search the Directory

The CAS online directory is now powered through the Online Community and offers candidates the ability to search based on the fields like name, address, member types, designation year, title, and company. You can also search by university to connect with fellow alums.

Build Your Network - Connect vs Follow


As you search the directory, you can build your CAS network. You will find there are people that you are interested in what they are doing and there are other people who you would like to be in contact with.

Following someone is passive; you can follow anyone – it doesn’t imply any relationship, kind of like Twitter.

Connecting requires the person on the other end to confirm that you have a connection – this is similar to friend requests on Facebook.

The main difference is that your connections may be able to see more information on your My Page than your followers (e.g., your phone number).

Stay in Touch - Favorites vs Subscriptions

If you want to stay up to date on everything that happens within any of the communities, click on the heart button on the left-hand side of the community home page (or the top, depending on your screen size). Once you click that button, a pop-up window will ask you to set your notification preferences.

screenshot-community casact org 2015-12-09 10-59-44-2.jpg

You can favorite almost anything in the community and be notified of any activity related to that item. Blog posts, individual discussion threads, and file libraries are examples of more specific things that you can favorite.  

Favorites generate emails in a digest format daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the preferences that you set. These emails include a list of the latest activity relating to ALL things favorited across the whole site, with links to each item. It is a nice way to stay in the loop without getting too many emails. Of course, you may also choose to not receive any email notifications at all.  

Subscriptions are for discussion and announcement lists that generate emails. You can manage these emails under My Subscriptions and choose to receive individual emails or digest versions. Also, with the click of one button, you can set all subscriptions to Vacation Mode! This will disable all subscription notifications temporarily, until you exit Vacation Mode.

screenshot-community casact org 2015-12-09 10-52-12.jpg

We hope CAS Candidates will take advantage of the opportunity to engage with your peers in this private online social community! Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for some basic how-tos. Please contact Sophie Uy, CAS IT and Online Services coordinator at if you need assistance with your online account.



December 15, 2015 09:34 AM by Edgar D Pal

Are badges automatically added to your profile, or do you have to request them?

online directory

December 17, 2015 02:51 PM by Edgar D Pal

I love the online directory, as it's a great way to quickly find other CAS members and site users grouped by company, school, location, or other characteristics. In fact, I started using it today, and I've already found many more potential connections than I could have found on LinkedIn!

I do have one suggestion for the online directory. Currently we can search based on university/school, but I think it would also be useful to search by degree. For example, we could search for all members with PhD or Masters degrees, or people who studied a specific major or concentration.

We could also add the ability to search by keywords.

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